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Passive income through automated paidmails

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A few months ago I ventured into the subject of paid mail. If you think I've gone crazy, this article might teach you better ... Maybe.

Always looking for opportunities to earn money passively as possible, I came across the topic of paid surveys and paid mails. The latter is so primitive that it has its charm again. If you don't know paid mail: It's about reading emails regularly and receiving money for them. There are various earning opportunities with the paid mail providers. Probably the easiest way to earn money is simply to have your e-mail inbox spammed and confirm the e-mails. Alternatively, you can click through so-called paid links, extra banners and forced texts in the portal of the paid mail providers and confirm them. The confirmation is just a timer that expires, until it has expired, you have to stay on the website. After the timer runs out, your points are credited. From a certain amount (usually 5 euros) you can have the income paid out. The principle is so primitive and banal that it can be easily automated. Most Paidmail providers all use the same system (Paidmail Pro 3) and simply all have a different design. Using the Google search engine, you can easily find the provider by entering:

intext: Paidmail+Pro+3.0

Since the version of Paidmail is usually always specified in the website footer.

But who sits in front of the computer all day to click hundreds of links and earn 10 cents a day? Hopefully nobody! As a programmer, I just sat down at a Python bot, which on the one hand retrieves my emails via IMAP and confirms them. On the other hand, there is a bot that takes care of the paid links (forced text, extra banners, etc.).

I use a dedicated mailbox for paid mails. I don't want to get hundreds of paid mails into my normal mailbox. After the paid mails have been retrieved, the e-mails are deleted.

The other bot that takes care of the paid links regularly logs in to the paid mail operator, identifies the paid links and paid banners and also confirms them. Both bots run on a Rasperry Pi 4 on which my IPFire also runs. IPFire then also blocks all advertising banners and trackers directly.

Monthly earnings for November 2020

Last month my bot earned € 4.54 with 8 paidmail providers. And the bot confirms both paid mails and all paid links! Worth it? Rather not. Especially not if I had to pay extra for electricity or buy hardware. Since my IPFire is running anyway, the bot can happily continue to generate money on the side. € 4.54 a month is not much, but calculated over the year it is still € 50 for doing nothing.

Paidmail Bot Auswertung


Who can I recommend Paidmails to? Manually nobody. Otherwise all people who have hardware at home anyway, which runs around the clock. Even if I am currently buying a Raspberry Pi 4 for paid mail, I need a whole year to recoup the costs. Since my IPFire is running anyway, I leave it running all the time and will report regularly here on my blog.

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